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Petroval is the leading and reference company in the fields of catalyst and reactor management services, thermal activities and technical support.

  • Back on our participation to the Axens event in Kuala Lumpur 2024🌟

    Back on our participation to the Axens event in Kuala Lumpur 2024🌟

    We are grateful for the opportunity to talk about Petroval’s solutions through our subsidiary in Singapore at the Axens event focused on "Powering the Transition: Towards a Sustainable and Low-Carbon Future" ♻

  • More than 500,000 inserts installed

    More than 500,000 inserts installed

    500,000+ inserts installed, reducing emissions and building trust with 150 partners. Thank you for your support. 🙏

  • Safety First: Our Commitment to Being a Safety Reference in the Industry🔎

    Safety First: Our Commitment to Being a Safety Reference in the Industry🔎

    We always aim to perform in the best conditions, that's why we regularly audit our technicians to ensure the best work possible or our clients.

  • Aramco Seminar

    Aramco Seminar "Catalyst unloading and regeneration" - Ras Tanura Refinery

    🎯 Our goal is to guarantee our customers receive catalyst unloading services that prioritize safety, speed, and preserving catalysts for future use. 👉That's why we recently showcased our partnership with Al-Bilad Catalyst in KSA, presenting to the Global Manufacturing Excellence Department ...

  • Happy Easter !

    Happy Easter !

    Happy easter from Petroval team !! 🥚

  • AFPM 2023 Annual Meeting

    AFPM 2023 Annual Meeting

    The Petroval team enjoyed their experience at the 2023 annual meeting of the American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers (AFPM).

  • Ramadan Mubarak !

    Ramadan Mubarak !

    We wish a happy and prosperous #Ramadan to all our people, partners and customers. May this time be blessed and filled with sharing and generosity for you all ! 🙏

  • EGYPS 2023

    EGYPS 2023

    Great time for Petroval Middle east subsidiary in Cairo during #EGYPS23 !

  • ESF 2023 - Tube Inserts presentation - Nicolas Aubin

    ESF 2023 - Tube Inserts presentation - Nicolas Aubin

    Our Technical and R&D Manager will be presenting our Tube Inserts Technologies at the Energy and Sustainability Forum 2023 (ESF 2023).
    If you want to optimize your processes and reduce your carbon footprint, come to the presentation on February 22 at 2:45 pm!

  • Digitize your catalyst change-out !

    Digitize your catalyst change-out !

    Asia Pacific teams meeting on LiveReporting service : Digitization of catalyst change-out operations 📱

  • Energy & Sustainability Forum Europe 2023

    Energy & Sustainability Forum Europe 2023

    ♻🌎 We are pleased to announce our presence at the Energy & Sustainability Forum 2023 in Amsterdam (20–22nd February 2023).

  • Petroval's Highlights 2022

    Petroval's Highlights 2022

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Wishes ! 🎉✨

  • ERTC 2022

    ERTC 2022

    Optimise your energy consumption with Nicolas Aubin at ERTC 2022 !

  • Petroval AP Bizsafe 3

    Petroval AP Bizsafe 3

    🥇PETROVAL is pleased to announce the renewal of its BizSafe 3 certification for three years in its Singapore subsidiary,

  • Petroval Successful Job in South Africa

    Petroval Successful Job in South Africa

    Recently, Petroval has supported a Major Refinery in South Africa in its major turn-around offering a wide range of technologies, included Technical Assistance, Densicat, S-Load, CatFlow, and Unidense.

  • IDW 2021 - Petroval & SARAS - Tube Inserts Applications

    IDW 2021 - Petroval & SARAS - Tube Inserts Applications

    🎬 Relive the co-presentation of Petroval and SARAS regarding Tube Inserts applications at SARAS Sarlux Refinery.

  • International Downstream Week 2021

    International Downstream Week 2021

    📌PETROVAL will attend the International Downstream Week 2021.

  • Renewal of Quality and Safety certifications (ISO / MASE)

    Renewal of Quality and Safety certifications (ISO / MASE)

    PETROVAL SA has recently successfully renewed the certification of its Quality (ISO 9001) and Safety / Health / Environment (MASE) management systems.

    This excellent result is due to the numerous continuous improvement actions implemented on a daily basis within PETROVAL SA and its subsidiaries.

  • Gold Safety Award - Petroval INC

    Gold Safety Award - Petroval INC

    PETROVAL is proud to present the Gold Safety Award 2020 obtained by our US branch PETROVAL Inc.

  • Petroval 30th anniversary

    Petroval 30th anniversary

    30 years ago, Petroval introduced on the market the Densicat® process, comprising a novel dense loading machine with experienced and trained technicians.

  • Networking


    PETROVAL is a proud Sponsor of the 2020 American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers (AFPM) SUMMIT, which is VIRTUAL this year Aug 25-Aug 27, 2020.

  • Success Story

    Success Story

    PETROVAL has successfully implemented its first S-Load® application in the Middle East at Yanbu Aramco Sinopec Refining Company (YASREF) Ltd.

  • CATFLOW™ Success Story

    CATFLOW™ Success Story

    CATFLOW™ is a technology developed and patented by Petroval, for the unloading of a reactor catalyst bed via a horizontal dump pipe in the absence of a sloped dump nozzle (45°).



    Petroval’s Densicat®, the worldwide leading dense loading technology, is a technique which has been in use in dense loading reactors for over 25 years.

PETROVAL strengthened its existing activities by launching the DENSICAT® second and third generation machine, building on its strong reputation and success on the refining and petrochemical industry. Complementary services and products are more and more successful with new advanced technological products being regularly launched onto the market, PETROVAL is moving forward with a promising and bright future with key licenses and patents.

Research & Innovation

Petroval was founded in 1990 with the ambition to create high-value new technologies for the oil and gas industry. Our company keeps researching and innovating to offer a wide range of new services and technologies to its clients.

Safety & Quality

Our safety and quality management systems are continually reviewed and improved to meet ISO & local safety standards, as part of our operational excellence approach which uses continuous operational tools.


Petroval is a growing company and here’s your chance to join us. We are always looking for hard working individuals who want to develop their career further, working with high safety standards in an international and innovative technological environment.