Loading Technologies
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The UNIDENSE™ technology is a catalyst loading method for primary reformer tubes which is less complex and faster than the traditional ''sock'' loading method.

Catalyst is slowly filled into the tube through a specially designed funnel and the loading rope is gradually pulled out of the tube as the catalyst layer builds up. The brushes with flexible springs reduce the speed of the catalyst particles so that breakage is avoided.

With the UNIDENSE™ technology, the catalyst particles will have a free fall from the lowest brush to the catalyst surface. This gives a ''low intensity'' filling and the particles will come to rest before being interlocked by other particles. Hence, there will be no risk of bridging, and vibrating of the tube is unnecessary.

The UNIDENSE™ technology ensures a filling without extra voids and a high uniform density along the full length of the tubes is obtained. The catalyst is charged from buckets and the time consuming and expensive socking of the catalyst is avoided. Weighing of the catalyst loaded in each tube is not required.

PETROVAL provides loading supervision, in conjunction with selected handling companies. Video inspection of all tubes prior to loading is an integral part of the loading procedure.


No need for socking / weighing of catalyst, resulting in a time and manpower saving prior the loading.

Catalyst delivered in drums / bags - lower costs (no socking required).

No need for vibration or hammering - no damages to tubes, insulation or structure.

Less risk for reloading tubes - less problems during the loading and less waste of catalyst.

Uniform high loaded density and uniform pressure drop - prolonged tube life and potential for increased production.

(guarantee of a delta P average deviation at +/- 5%).

No bridging or extra voids - less settling and less tendency for hot spots.

The loading can be completed in less time, reducing down time and labour costs.