Infrared thermography services

Equipment failure in Refinery & petrochemical industries can lead to serious consequences and large scale production losses. The best way to minimize such potential incidents or lost profits is to use thermography techniques on critical fired heaters of the plant. Our Infrared teams have extensive experience of more than 10 years in refinery and petrochemical industry, working on furnaces inspection and thermography surveys.

The objective of PETROVAL’s Infrared expert team is to provide instantaneous technical feedback by highlighting the potential limitations identified on the furnace: combustion, tube limit temperature, tube damages, heat flux distribution.

Infrared thermography is a method to check temperatures in industrial installation such as refineries and Petrochemical sites. The infrared survey is a non-destructive method to measure surface temperatures using infrared cameras.



  • Detection of hot spots (internal deposit, coking…)
  • External fouling evaluation (layer of dust and thermal effect on the tubes)
  • Deterioration of the tubes (oxidation, deformation of the tubes, …)
  • Thermal pattern cartography + heat flux distribution
  • Thermocouples validation of recorded measurements


› PETROVAL provides complete report and visual pictures.
› Client is able to compare temperatures over large areas.
› Anticipation: PETROVAL can discover any deteriorating components prior to failure.
› Energy savings : better use of the energy necessary for operating the equipment.
› Measurement in areas normally inaccessible, non-destructive method.
› Ability to measure very high temperatures (up to 1 500°C).