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Petroval continues to develop new processes and improves its existing technologies and tools to extend and enhance the range of services offered to its clients, while expanding its presence worldwide. Petroval’s newest innovative tool, LIVEREPORTING, is a digital tool available on various platforms to follow Petroval’s jobs in real time. LIVEREPORTING enables Petroval to follow simultaneously all the jobs around the world.

Logo JPG Live reporting
Visuel Live reporting Petroineos
  • Digital catalyst change-out follow-up
  • Refiner remote monitoring of the operations
  • Live information available on the App.
  • Live and reliable communication
  • Control parameters (quality criteria, check-list) definition with refiner& follow-up (via reports and photos)
  • Control parameters validation via the App.
  • Initial inspection report available for maintenance, cleaning and potential modifications
  • Live loading diagrams
  • Planning evolution
  • Scope of work review
  • Previous loading reports available on the App.
  • Application Available on laptop, tablet and smartphone