Unloading Technologies

In addition to dense loading activities, CatFlow® is a technology developed and patented by Petroval to unload a reactor catalyst bed via a horizontal dump nozzle in the absence of a sloped dump nozzle (45°).


No inert entry of personnel during catalyst free-flow unloading.

The catflow® was developed by petroval's engineers with the objective to unload the catalyst without workers intervening inside the reactor.

Also, the catflow® reduces the risk of air entry and self-ignition of catalyst. This unloading method permits to achieve a high level of safety on site.


Thanks to the free flowing of catalyst, the catflow® limits the catalyst breakage and attrition, and improves the quantity and quality of the recovered catalyst. The CatFlow can also help to segregate beds of catalyst, which could have an impact on the value for recycling.


The catflow® system has an unloading rate comprise between 10m3 and 12m3 per hour. The installation requires only 1 hour and the machine is easy to handle. Consequently, the time savings are significant.